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[LYA] Mun Prompt 9.2

What was the most terrible installment of your canon in your opinion? Why did you dislike it so much? Tell us what happened that you didn't approve of and what you would have done it better.

There are so many in Buffy’s canon that makes me twitch and to be honest that’s why I got into fanfiction in the beginning. I wanted to make something “wrong”, right. The one huge problem I had with Buffy’s canon (besides Spike) was the three amigo nerds that were the supposedly big bad. I thought it was stupid from beginning to end and laughable after defeating Glory the hellgoddess. I get what Joss and company were trying to do, to show that with all of Buffy’s powers, she was vulnerable to the real world of bullets. That was about the only shining moment out of that story arc, but that the Scoobies who had been fighting cohesively since high school and have faced hell, literally, couldn’t defeat not very good Lex Luthor wanna bes bugged me.

To “fix” that problem, I would have had Buffy and company defeat Team Dork and them getting pissed off, summoning some kind of huge bad demon to vanquish the Slayer and her little dogs, too. Tara’s death could still happen, Willow could still go dark and even join the big bad to try to defeat Buffy with Xander talking her down and in the end it’s Xander’s comfort of Willow that saves the day like it did before.

The joys of writing fanfic where you can make what you see in your mind a much better outcome than what the writers did.

Mun to Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 238 words

[ACTD] #4 - Birth

1) birth: represents an anxiety for giving birth; dreaming of giving birth to a non-human creature symbolizes that the dreamer fears the defect of the baby; can also symbolize 'rebirth' or 'baptism.'

Buffy woke up with a start and stared down at her stomach. It was still flat. God she hated Prophecy Dreams. At least she hoped to God that this was a symbolic one like the time that Oz had a monkey on his shoulder. That had been bizarro. Then there was the First Slayer dream with the Cheese Man which uber weird.

She pushed herself out of bed and quickly dressed before she'd gone in search of Giles. One thing about Slayer Central, it was freaking huge and sometimes it took forever to find someone. Buffy had finally found him in one of the libraries. Seriously, she should have looked there first. "Uh, Giles. Got a minute?"

Giles looked up from a book that he was reading in ancient Sumerian. It took him a minute to pull himself out of the text. "Of course." He finally focused on her and noted the worry lines and tense muscles. Giles put the book away and turned his full attention on Buffy.

"Do you still have the whatchamacallit that Angel had that told about all the Slayer prophecy stuff? You know what happens when or did that get swallowed in the crater?" With her luck it either got swallowed or the activation of the Slayers made the book null and void.

There was a bit of confusion in Giles' expression. He knew what she was talking about but the fact that she was asking about them raised a red flag. Buffy rarely cared about those things. "I'm afraid it was lost in the crater as were most of my other books. Why do you ask?"

Buffy thought that this conversation wasn't as bad as the I'm sleeping with Spike one but it was going to be pretty close. "Uh, okay. I'm sure it was just a dream. No big deal right? Probably the weird stew we had last night but um, I dreamt that I was pregnant and you and I went to the doctor's office to have that scan thing done where you see what the baby's like." She rushed on knowing it was better to just rip the band aid off. "Instead of weird alien looking thing that becomes a baby later this sort of looked demon-y. Please tell me there are no prophecies about Slayers having demon babies and I'm not even getting any. Seriously! How can I get pregnant with demon spawn when I haven't had sex? Unless they have this bizarro mating ritual that I so don't want to know about."

That was more information than Giles ever wanted to know about his Slayer and he pulled off his glasses and pinched his nose. He could feel a headache beginning to form and it wasn't even ten o'clock yet. "I'm sure it's metaphorical." Or perhaps Buffy was in tune with events that would transpire for someone else. A warning.

"Meta huh?" Buffy asked him in confusion. "Is that the name of the demon?"

He smiled slightly, memories of younger Buffy coming to the surface. "No. Metaphorical as in not literal but that it means something else. Can you describe what the fetus looked like? Any outstanding characteristics? There are quite a few demons that need a human host to incubate their young."

"Eww! That was something that I didn't need to know thanks and no it looked demon-y. Not vampire human looking but Clem or Lorne or you know demon-y."

"Well, I suppose that means we'll have a lot of research to do."

Buffy opened her mouth to protest that she was Slay girl when Giles forestalled her. "You're the only one that knows what it looks like so you'll have to either describe it better than it looks like a demon or you'll have to look through the pictures of the demons that need humans."

"Ugh!" Has she mentioned that she really hated prophetic dreams because she did.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 651 words
What do you hate that everyone else seems to like?

That's easy. Twilight. No, seriously, I hate it with a passion. Cliché right? I’m a Slayer that hates a story about vampires. Don't even get me started on the "love" story and I use that term loosely. It is so not fun to be on the receiving end of stalker love. Been there, done that, go the t-shirt. Okay fine, I'll admit that my relationship with Spike was super complicated with stalking undertones and we ended up as sort of friends. I may have issues substituting him and Angelus in the role of Edward but come on ---. Who finds that sexy?

Vampires are not sexy or cool and no, it's not sour grapes after the whole Harmony got a reality show and became a celebrity thing. Though please, Harmony?!?!

How am I supposed to save people if they think that vampires are so great? It's hard enough to do it now with the Goths and wannabes out there and the Harmony Action Doll on the Shopping network. Now there are teenagers (and their mothers ewwwww) who fantasize about their own Edward. GAH!

Oh! Another thing, VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 198 words

[ACTD] #2 - Lyrics - Dream Lover

Lyrics: Dreamlover come rescue me Take me up take me down Take me anywhere you want to baby now I need you so desperately Won't you please come around 'Cause I wanna share forever with you baby ~Mariah Carey~

Every time that Buffy had a spare moment of thought she kept seeing Xander kissing Dawn. It got worse every time that she closed her eyes. The scene kept playing over and over again, mocking her which meant that sleep was not going to happen any time soon. Buffy decided that instead of counting sheep she would try to distract herself by dusting vampires. There were two advantages of this brilliant idea, it helped to get the frustration and anger out as well as distracted her until she finally fell asleep.

Soon the subconscious began to take over as she drifted into REM. The venue of dusting vampires switched from Scotland to New York. Buffy soon found herself on a deserted street in Manhattan following a vampire. As with all dreams, she suddenly knew that she was following the vampire toward a lair along with the realization as to why it was New York and not Scotland. Buffy was so intent on what she was doing that it took a moment for her dream self to feel the presence of someone watching her. There wasn't any Slayer tingling sensation but that didn't mean anything with the Twilight Cult. They were human --- mostly.

She let the vampire go, secure in the knowledge that she would find him again. Buffy melted into the shadows and jumped on to the lowest platform on the fire escape and waited for her follower to come closer. The wait wasn't long before one of the shadows moved closer. The Slayer jumped down with a graceful movement and landed behind her target, not wasting any time before kicking them behind the knee and forcing them to the ground. As soon as they hit the dirty alley floor, Buffy put her knee in the small of their back, "Why are you following me?"

"I thought you might need some help." The muffled voice replied.

"Riley?!" Buffy jumped up in surprise. "Are you okay? What are you doing here? How did you know where to find me?"

Riley rolled over, but still sat on the ground and looked up at Buffy with a sheepish expression. "Hey Buffy. I’m fine except for my ego." He stood up and brushed off his jeans. "My unit is still in the area. I was on my way to the movies when I saw you following someone. I didn't see Willow or Kennedy so I figured you were on your own. I hung back to see if you needed anything." He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. "That'll teach me to stalk a Slayer."

A light flush spread across her cheeks. "Sorry. With everything that's been happening, I'm in ask questions later mode."

He looked at her in concern. "Twilight still?"

"Yeah." She was so not going to mention the other. It was bad enough that she was pathetically happy to see an old boyfriend but to add insult to injury of admitting to being upset about Xander and Dawn? Yeah, not going to happen. Buffy waved the concern away. "Not important. We'll defeat them like we always do." She grinned, "feel like killing some vampires?" Buffy tried to keep the hopeful note out of her voice but she had a feeling that she'd failed.

"Like old times?" Riley returned her smile and extended his arm to loosen the stake hidden there. "I even have a stake."

"I love a man who's prepared." Buffy laughed and motioned for him to walk beside her. "So, how long is your unit stationed in New York?" She might stay longer there if he was staying.

"We never know how long we'll be assigned but there's so much activity here it'll probably be awhile. Are you in New York now?"

"We're back in Scotland." A part of Buffy's mind was telling her she probably shouldn't tell him that since they were hiding from Twilight and Amy but it was Riley. She literally trusted him with her life. "At least until we find something. That's why I'm here." She hedged a little as they stepped out into the street once again.


As it was with most dreams, Buffy found herself and Riley suddenly in the middle of the lair with evidence of a struggle all around them. It had felt good fighting side by side with him again. Old memories came to the surface as well as old feelings as she looked up at him and saw Riley grinning broadly. "That was fun. Uh, you know what I mean. I haven't done that in a while. Okay sure, I do that with the Slayers all the time but that's a coordinated effort." Buffy winced. "Not that this wasn't --" She was cut off mid-embarrassed and awkward commenting when Riley leaned down and kissed her. It was a very pleasant surprise and effective way to shut her up.

"Sorry." Riley said after a long moment. "I couldn't resist. I forgot how you sometimes babble like that and how I found it cute."

"It's okay. I liked it." Buffy placed her hands on his waist and kissed him again. This time, she deepened it. It had been so long since she'd kissed anyone. Too long actually.


Her eyes popped open and she sat up abruptly in bed. The languid sensation of kissing Riley gone forever. The strident yell of a Slayer through the door was as effective as any cold shower. "I hate my life." She huffed and flopped back on the mattress. For a moment, she debated about trying to fall back to sleep and kick start that dream again where she left it but knew it for the fantasy that was.

"I'm coming." She couldn't even get lucky in a dream.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 957 words

[CM] November - Prepare a holiday meal

Preparing a holiday meal

It had to be perfect. There really was no other option for her. It was the first Thanksgiving after her mom died and she was not going to have the Indians taking revenge on Sunnydale fest. There would be no apocalypse, there would be no demons or ghosts or anything else supernatural to ruin it. It was going to be a Hallmark holiday, damn it and Buffy would make sure of it. Even if she had to stake every vampire, decapitate every demon and exorcise every ghost.

Buffy ran the preparations as if she was a general in the field of battle. Assignment had been given and she'd micromanaged to make sure they were completed perfectly. Oh, she saw the dirty looks and heard the whisperings but there was no way she was going to fall down in this so she ignored them. Her relationship with Dawn was spiraling out of control. She couldn't be the mother her sister needed, especially when she needed it just as badly herself. They were both floundering without their anchor and it was hard, but this she could do. After all, how hard was it to make a perfect holiday meal? Martha Stewart did it all the time. Then again, Martha didn't live over a Hellmouth.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 212 words

[RotM] #2009.26 - Becoming a monster

He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Buffy was beginning to question herself which was so not of the good. How had they come so far down the wrong path? Slayers were in hiding because people hated them. Public opinion was on the side of Harmony and that was wrong on so many levels. They were the good guys, right? Right. Yet here they were in Tibet hiding out trying to learn to ‘control’ the magic.

Had it all started with the robbing of the rich to help the poor? Namely the Slayers and Slayer Central? Buffy hadn’t thought that she was hurting anyone. It wasn’t like she was taking money from orphans or anything. It was for the greater good. At least that was how she convinced herself it was the right thing to do at the time. Now, she didn’t know. Now she was remembering what it was like when Faith had first come to Sunnydale and she’d changed. Had she really? Yes, she’d been freaked by the accidental death of the Mayor’s guy but she hadn’t really felt remorse for the other things that they’d done. Maybe she only buried that feeling, pretending to be someone that she wasn’t. Which was the real Buffy though? Was she the responsible one, the General to the other Slayers? Or was she the one that felt she was different because she was Chosen. That certain things could be done for the ‘greater good’ but who was to say what those things were? As Anya would have said who died and made her the one?

Choices. Had she made the wrong ones? Everything had consequences. She knew that. She was the poster girl for it. Look what had happened when Willow had brought her back from Heaven. The First and all the Uber vamps to balance the wrong of her being alive. Her stealing had led to the rogue Slayers, which contributed to the hate of Slayers now. Then there was Dark Willow. What had she done to turn Willow dark in the future? Was this it? Was her going to Tibet to help control the magic that was inherent to all Slayers what drove Willow? Or was it the opposite? Was it asking Willow to do so much magic that she was tapping into the dark side?

Okay, she seriously needed to stop thinking about this and did she mention that she really hated meditation? How can you get calm when all sitting around with a bunch of candles does is make your mind go down about a hundred and fifty what ifs?

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 426 words

[CM] August - Nightmare

What was your last nightmare?

Buffy woke up in a cold sweat and her heart pounding as if it would burst out of her chest. She hated when she had one of those dreams, when it seemed so real that when you woke up you didn't know if it was a memory or prophecy. It didn't help matters when you were a Slayer and had dreams that were supposed to mean something. Was this a case of sometimes a cigar was just a cigar or did it have meaning?

She sat up in bed, resting her back against the headboard and stared into nothing. There was truth in the dream, and she had to think through it. Willow had turned dark in the future. Buffy didn't know how or why or even how she got to the future but she was there. Then there was the Slayers, plural only not. In the future there was only one again. How did that happen? Buffy had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that it was decisions that she'd made that led to that future that she'd gone to. The one that she was dreaming about since the missile attack on Slayer Central.

Had she done something to make Willow go dark again? Had whatever Amy and Warren had done to her before she could get to her friend trigger something dark inside? GAH! She was second guessing herself about everything now. Buffy didn't know if her going to the future had been a fluke, something to show her what might be if she continued on, or something that will be because of her actions setting up Slayer Central and basically creating the rogue Slayers. Though admittedly, she didn’t know she had.

Buffy leaned her head on her crossed arms over her drawn up knees. She missed Giles. More than the feeling of abandonment when he went to be with Faith. She missed him even more than his being her Watcher. What Buffy missed most about Giles was having someone to talk to. She couldn't go to Willow, not with this, and she couldn't go to Xander either. Buffy didn't want to worry them. Dawn was most assuredly out of the picture and Angel --- well Angel and Spike had a lot more to deal with than her worries over a dream. She supposed that was why she got paid the big bucks. Oh wait, she didn't. Sometimes being the General sucked. How sad was it that she missed the almost nightly haunting of the faces of the people that she couldn't save over this latest nightmare?

Wearily, she forced herself to get out of bed and take a shower. Maybe the hot water would make the images go away. Yeah, and maybe Brad Pitt would leave Angelina Jolie for her. Buffy wasn't holding her breath on either.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 473 words

[RotM] #2009.24: D. Who do you envy most?

D. Who do you envy most in the world and why?

I used to envy anyone and everyone that wasn't a Slayer. Back in Sunnydale, I'd see Cordelia being popular, rich, a cheerleader, uncomplicated life and remember my life pre-Slayage and how much I missed it. I'd see Willow with Oz or Tara and I'd wish I had something like that. There was Angel but that was complicated. Understatement much. Then I had my chance to be that person. I mean I'll always be a Slayer, that's never going to change, but I had a chance to be a normal girl with all the Slayers activated. I didn't take it, obviously, since I'm still doing the slaying thing. It's a part of who I am as much as my hair color. Okay, not a good example since I dye my hair.

I used to envy Britney Spears. She could sing, she had all these cute outfits. She had Justin Timberlake but then came K-Fed and the crazies and I really don't envy her any more.

I guess the one thing that I've learned since becoming a Slayer, besides how hard it is to get some demon blood out of clothes, is that no one's life is as enviable as you think. I don't really envy anyone anymore. Okay that's a lie. I envy whoever Daniel Craig is dating. The why is pretty obvious. I mean look at him. Seriously.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 228 words

[JMM] Prompt 22 - Coupland quote

"Forget about being world famous, it's hard enough just getting the automatic doors at the supermarket to acknowledge our existence." - Doug Coupland

[Note: This takes place in the Spooks AUverse]

Buffy wondered what else could go wrong as she stepped outside the department store. Her meeting with the bank managers didn’t go as well as planned and despite their best efforts she felt the James Bond types eyes on her. Call it years of living over the Hellmouth or Spidey sense or heck even paranoia but Buffy was getting very good at feeling eyes on her. Just as they were now, even though she couldn't spot them.

She glanced down at her watch to see how much time she had before she had to make the train back up to Scotland. Stupid James Bond types making her not be able to use Willow's witchfu to teleport back. Buffy would use the excuse that her mind was on the myriad things that she had to do that she hadn't felt the attack coming before it was too late. Out of nowhere it seemed six men in business suits approached her and had her surrounded separating her out of the crowd. It was all very subtly done no one else in the area gave Buffy or them a second look. That was until the first man threw a punch that caught Buffy in the side of the head knocking her down. Anyone else would have seen stars, Buffy just saw red.

"Hey! I thought you James Bonds were supposed to just watch." Her bag with her new shoes went flying which in and of itself deserved a quick kick. Buffy's foot lashed out, catching the nearest one in the shin. She didn't put her Slayer strength into it but she made a statement and his leg crumbled under him. She was back on her feet in a flash and into a fighter stance. Buffy watched them warily trying to decide their next move. "Come on. What are you waiting for?"

She really hadn't wanted the MI-5 people to learn about her Slayer skills but she wasn't going to let them beat up on her either. She just had to temper it and then go give Hunky Spy Guy a yelling for beating up on innocent citizens. Buffy was also aware of the innocent bystanders around them. That put up a little warning flag. Why would the spies be so obvious in their attack? Buffy didn't think on that too long as another one of the men moved into attack position.

Her eyes scanned the area of what weapons that she could use to stop them when she saw a flash out of the corner of her eye. Buffy turned quickly just in time to dodge a fist coming at her and catch sight of the metal of a tranquilizer gun reflecting in the waning sunlight. With almost inhuman speed and reflexes she dropped to the ground and out of the way of the dart. There was a satisfying feeling when she heard the man that had thrown the punch give a groan as he went down unconscious. They were the decoy to keep her occupied while someone else shot at her. She'd just been very, very lucky.

"Who are you?" She rose to her feet again and decided that a hasty retreat was the best solution. She couldn't risk innocents getting caught in the crossfire since they didn't seem to care who they hurt in order to get to Buffy.

The man nearest her smirked and pulled down the collar of his shirt to show her the Twilight tattoo in answer to her question.

London might not be over a Hellmouth but it had the Hellmouth curse of answering your question of what else could go wrong. You'd think she would stop asking that question even in her mind.

Her mind whirled with the implications. How had they known she was going to be in London? Had they followed her or had hunky spy man tipped them off? Did they know of the new base of operations? Oh GOD! The girls she had to get back quickly. Screw being watched. Buffy took off in a dead run that was faster than any human girl could run. The dropped package of shoes forgotten in her haste to get away and back to the girls. She pulled out her cell phone from her pocket and speed dialed Willow.

"Please be there, please be there." She chanted and glanced over her shoulder. The gods were with her today it seemed because she once again saw a gun being raised only this time it wasn't a tranquilizer but a revolver. Buffy zigged but unfortunately she should have zagged and the bullet grazed her arm. She ignored the pain and the bleeding as Willow answered. "Will! Twilight. Need some witchfu. I need teleported out of here now. I'm at---" She glanced up. Crap where were street signs when you need them? "I'll go back to the bank. Meet me there and be really careful. They don't care who they hurt to get to us."

Buffy didn't wait for Willow's answer trusting that she would be there. She hung up and ran for her life. Literally.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 852 words

[CM] June Prompt: Cosset


Buffy's muscles were screaming but that was nothing new. The hot water of the shower was working its magic and the Slayer healing would take over to finish it. The main thing was that Dawn was back. She wasn't a thricewise, she wasn't a centaur and more importantly, Dawn wasn't a china doll. If Buffy were honest, it was the last one that she envied. Not being small and breakable, but being treated carefully because she was precious.

She always had to be the strong one and not just her Slayer strength. When her parents were arguing just before their divorce, she had no one to turn to. She had to deal on her own and knowing that it was because of her had added to the burden. It was selfish of Buffy but she was kind of glad that Dawn hadn't actually been around then. To be strong for herself was hard enough, but to be strong for a younger sister would have been that much harder.

The water cascaded over her as she stood under the spray in the shower. Her mind going back to the one time in her life that she hadn't had to be strong since becoming the Slayer. That Halloween that she'd been so insecure about Cordelia with Angel that she'd almost been killed. Buffy was definitely laying the blame for that at Ethan's feet, but she'd also thought it was the type of woman that Angel had wanted.

She liked the idea where her only stress would have been what to wear and not have to think about anything else. Buffy would be the first to admit that if anyone did treat her like a fragile doll she'd yell at them but it would be a nice change than being looked at to be the strong one all the time. The General.

Finishing up her shower, Buffy stepped out into the steam filled room wrapping herself in a robe.


She closed her eyes and sighed. A Slayer's job was never done. Buffy knew that she would never be that girl but it didn't stop her from wishing it.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 355 words