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[RotM] #2009.24: D. Who do you envy most?

D. Who do you envy most in the world and why?

I used to envy anyone and everyone that wasn't a Slayer. Back in Sunnydale, I'd see Cordelia being popular, rich, a cheerleader, uncomplicated life and remember my life pre-Slayage and how much I missed it. I'd see Willow with Oz or Tara and I'd wish I had something like that. There was Angel but that was complicated. Understatement much. Then I had my chance to be that person. I mean I'll always be a Slayer, that's never going to change, but I had a chance to be a normal girl with all the Slayers activated. I didn't take it, obviously, since I'm still doing the slaying thing. It's a part of who I am as much as my hair color. Okay, not a good example since I dye my hair.

I used to envy Britney Spears. She could sing, she had all these cute outfits. She had Justin Timberlake but then came K-Fed and the crazies and I really don't envy her any more.

I guess the one thing that I've learned since becoming a Slayer, besides how hard it is to get some demon blood out of clothes, is that no one's life is as enviable as you think. I don't really envy anyone anymore. Okay that's a lie. I envy whoever Daniel Craig is dating. The why is pretty obvious. I mean look at him. Seriously.

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