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[CM] November - Prepare a holiday meal

Preparing a holiday meal

It had to be perfect. There really was no other option for her. It was the first Thanksgiving after her mom died and she was not going to have the Indians taking revenge on Sunnydale fest. There would be no apocalypse, there would be no demons or ghosts or anything else supernatural to ruin it. It was going to be a Hallmark holiday, damn it and Buffy would make sure of it. Even if she had to stake every vampire, decapitate every demon and exorcise every ghost.

Buffy ran the preparations as if she was a general in the field of battle. Assignment had been given and she'd micromanaged to make sure they were completed perfectly. Oh, she saw the dirty looks and heard the whisperings but there was no way she was going to fall down in this so she ignored them. Her relationship with Dawn was spiraling out of control. She couldn't be the mother her sister needed, especially when she needed it just as badly herself. They were both floundering without their anchor and it was hard, but this she could do. After all, how hard was it to make a perfect holiday meal? Martha Stewart did it all the time. Then again, Martha didn't live over a Hellmouth.

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