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[JMM] Prompt 22 - Coupland quote

"Forget about being world famous, it's hard enough just getting the automatic doors at the supermarket to acknowledge our existence." - Doug Coupland

[Note: This takes place in the Spooks AUverse]

Buffy wondered what else could go wrong as she stepped outside the department store. Her meeting with the bank managers didn’t go as well as planned and despite their best efforts she felt the James Bond types eyes on her. Call it years of living over the Hellmouth or Spidey sense or heck even paranoia but Buffy was getting very good at feeling eyes on her. Just as they were now, even though she couldn't spot them.

She glanced down at her watch to see how much time she had before she had to make the train back up to Scotland. Stupid James Bond types making her not be able to use Willow's witchfu to teleport back. Buffy would use the excuse that her mind was on the myriad things that she had to do that she hadn't felt the attack coming before it was too late. Out of nowhere it seemed six men in business suits approached her and had her surrounded separating her out of the crowd. It was all very subtly done no one else in the area gave Buffy or them a second look. That was until the first man threw a punch that caught Buffy in the side of the head knocking her down. Anyone else would have seen stars, Buffy just saw red.

"Hey! I thought you James Bonds were supposed to just watch." Her bag with her new shoes went flying which in and of itself deserved a quick kick. Buffy's foot lashed out, catching the nearest one in the shin. She didn't put her Slayer strength into it but she made a statement and his leg crumbled under him. She was back on her feet in a flash and into a fighter stance. Buffy watched them warily trying to decide their next move. "Come on. What are you waiting for?"

She really hadn't wanted the MI-5 people to learn about her Slayer skills but she wasn't going to let them beat up on her either. She just had to temper it and then go give Hunky Spy Guy a yelling for beating up on innocent citizens. Buffy was also aware of the innocent bystanders around them. That put up a little warning flag. Why would the spies be so obvious in their attack? Buffy didn't think on that too long as another one of the men moved into attack position.

Her eyes scanned the area of what weapons that she could use to stop them when she saw a flash out of the corner of her eye. Buffy turned quickly just in time to dodge a fist coming at her and catch sight of the metal of a tranquilizer gun reflecting in the waning sunlight. With almost inhuman speed and reflexes she dropped to the ground and out of the way of the dart. There was a satisfying feeling when she heard the man that had thrown the punch give a groan as he went down unconscious. They were the decoy to keep her occupied while someone else shot at her. She'd just been very, very lucky.

"Who are you?" She rose to her feet again and decided that a hasty retreat was the best solution. She couldn't risk innocents getting caught in the crossfire since they didn't seem to care who they hurt in order to get to Buffy.

The man nearest her smirked and pulled down the collar of his shirt to show her the Twilight tattoo in answer to her question.

London might not be over a Hellmouth but it had the Hellmouth curse of answering your question of what else could go wrong. You'd think she would stop asking that question even in her mind.

Her mind whirled with the implications. How had they known she was going to be in London? Had they followed her or had hunky spy man tipped them off? Did they know of the new base of operations? Oh GOD! The girls she had to get back quickly. Screw being watched. Buffy took off in a dead run that was faster than any human girl could run. The dropped package of shoes forgotten in her haste to get away and back to the girls. She pulled out her cell phone from her pocket and speed dialed Willow.

"Please be there, please be there." She chanted and glanced over her shoulder. The gods were with her today it seemed because she once again saw a gun being raised only this time it wasn't a tranquilizer but a revolver. Buffy zigged but unfortunately she should have zagged and the bullet grazed her arm. She ignored the pain and the bleeding as Willow answered. "Will! Twilight. Need some witchfu. I need teleported out of here now. I'm at---" She glanced up. Crap where were street signs when you need them? "I'll go back to the bank. Meet me there and be really careful. They don't care who they hurt to get to us."

Buffy didn't wait for Willow's answer trusting that she would be there. She hung up and ran for her life. Literally.

Buffy Summers ~*~ BtVS ~*~ 852 words


Jul. 13th, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
They did see the whole thing including Willow's teleportation. I'm glad you like it. It's very fun to play in that particular sandbox and thanks. Buffy's going to be really mad when she realizes that she left the shoes. *g*